Composition of fertilizer pelletizer machine production line

1. Composition of fertilizer pelletizer machine production line

Users who know and are familiar with the fertilizer pelletizer machine and organic fertilizer production line can probably tell that the organic fertilizer production line is composed of several parts, but it seems a little vague to friends who are new to this industry. Today, I will share with you the organic fertilizer pellet making machine production line setup.

The fertilizer pelletizer machine part of the organic fertilizer production line equipment, the core link of the organic fertilizer production line equipment is granulation, so the fertilizer pelletizer machine is essential. The model selection of the organic fertilizer pellet making machine is determined according to the user’s output.

For other parts of the organic fertilizer production line equipment, after the organic fertilizer pellet mill is granulated, it is transferred to the disc fertilizer pelletizer machine through the belt conveyor to shape the granules, and the perfect organic fertilizer granules have reached a spherical shape.

Designing a packaging link, directly packaging the final product, has perfectly realized the automatic production of the entire fertilizer pelletizer machine production line equipment.

The crushing part of the equipment of the organic fertilizer production line. According to the diversity of raw materials of users, our organic fertilizer production line equipment has designed the crushing part. In the process of equipment sales, we found that many users’ raw materials are relatively dry chicken manure or pig manure, and some users even mixed some other materials to reduce the production cost of organic fertilizer.

We know that materials with too large diameter cannot be directly granulated, so before granulation, we need to pulverize the raw materials to achieve the effect of granulation, and the pulverized materials can enter the fertilizer pelletizer machine. Of course, users with sufficient material fineness can omit this link when designing organic fertilizer equipment.

The drying part of the organic fertilizer production line equipment. The premise of granulation by the fertilizer pelletizer machine is that the humidity of the material should be controlled below 25%. Therefore, for some raw materials whose initial humidity is above 25%, they should first enter the drying process, and then enter the granulation mechanism after the drying material reaches the corresponding humidity. grain. Of course, users with sufficient material humidity can omit this link when designing organic fertilizer equipment.

fertilizer pelletizer machine

2. Common problems of organic fertilizer plant equipment

(1) How to maintain the organic fertilizer mixer?

  • After the biweekly mixer is started for 5 minutes, the material can be added for mixing.
  • If the production is stopped for a long time, the materials inside the machine should be cleaned up, especially the rear of the machine body must be cleaned up to prevent the materials from hardening and sticking inside the machine body, which will affect the smooth progress of material mixing in the future.
  • The bearing should be lubricated and cleaned regularly
  • Before use, the gearbox must be checked for oil, and the new oil should be replaced after the initial operation of 100 hours, and the new oil should be replaced every 1000 hours after the operation, and the maximum time interval is one year.

(2) Compost turner plays an important role in the production of compost

  • First, the stirring function of the turner in the process of mixing raw materials is very powerful, and it can effectively fuse various raw materials together.
  • Second, the temperature adjustment of the turner can be adjusted appropriately according to the needs. It is the full contact between the raw material and the air, and a large amount of fresh air is absorbed.
  • Third, the turner can change the permeability of the raw materials very well, making the raw materials more elastic and nutritious.

At present, the total output of livestock and poultry manure is 2.7 times that of industrial solid waste, which has become a major problem in agricultural environmental governance. A new way of using bio-fermentation engineering and microbial engineering technology comprehensively to use septic fertilizer as a harmless resource is being explored. The ecological benefits of the small-scale breeding industry need to be improved.

The complete sets of fertilizer production line required for the production of organic fertilizers with high organic content such as livestock manure mainly include: fertilizer pelletizer machine, mixers, screening machines, turners, and dryers , coolers, etc., which also need to improve different fertilizer pelletizer machine production lines according to the needs of different manufacturers.

(3) How to install the trommel screening machine?

  • The machine level deviation requirement cannot be greater than 1 mm/m.
  • In order to prevent affecting the strength and rigidity of the equipment, it is required that other objects are not allowed to be erected in all the mechanisms of the equipment.
  • After installation, the installation tools should be removed, and foreign objects are not allowed to remain inside and outside the screen cylinder.
  • All the fasteners of the equipment should be fastened firmly and reliably, and there should be no signs of loosening. After proper installation and adjustment, the no-load test can be carried out after further confirmation.

(4) How to prevent fertilizer agglomerationt?

How to prevent fertilizer agglomeration in the production of organic fertilizer equipment? We all know that the longer the produced organic fertilizer is placed, the easier it is to agglomerate, and the shorter the placement time, the less likely it is to agglomerate. What problems should you pay attention to, the following editor will introduce you in detail, I hope it can help you:

  • Reasonable selection of raw materials, that is, raw materials that are not easy to agglomerate as raw materials for our fertilizer pelletizer machine process, such as trace element foliar fertilizers, which use iron, copper, manganese, zinc, sulfate and boric acid, ammonium molybdate as raw materials, and magnesium sulfate as additives.

When the main material is dry and the air is not too humid, the fertilizer produced will not agglomerate. In addition, choose materials as dry as possible.

  • Choose the right production time. Since most of China belongs to the north temperate zone, the rainy season is mostly concentrated in June, July, and August, and the time with higher temperature is also concentrated in this time, so spring, late autumn, and winter produce fertilizers, agglomeration The probability is also lower, this is because the air humidity is small and the temperature is not high, which is not conducive to agglomeration.
  • Add some anti-caking agents, such as talcum powder, humic acid and other powders that are not easy to agglomerate, they play the role of breaking bridges in the middle. You can also add some surfactants to prevent caking.
  • Reasonable packaging should be adopted to prevent extrusion. The packaging material should be mainly to prevent moisture absorption and ventilation, and prevent excessive extrusion during transportation and storage, which can also effectively prevent the problem of agglomeration.
  • The fertilizer pelletizer machine granulation technology can prevent agglomeration. Because the contact area between the granules of the round granules is small, it is not easy to crystallize and agglomerate. Therefore, if conditions permit, fertilizer pelletizer machine granulation is the best way to prevent fast knots.

(5) How to solve the blockage of the screw conveyor?

Due to the small space for conveying materials, the screw conveyor of organic fertilizer equipment is very sensitive to the material; when the screw shaft rotates, the material is easily entangled; and the intermediate suspension bearing is easy to block the material. Therefore, blockage is a common fault of screw conveyors. The light blockage will affect the output and increase the power consumption.

In severe cases, the motor will be burned out, the screw shaft will be twisted, and the normal production will be affected. There are many reasons for blockage, and the following measures can be taken to prevent blockage:

  • Reasonable selection of various technical parameters of the screw conveyor, such as the speed of the slow screw conveyor should not be too large.
  • Strictly implement the operating procedures to achieve no-load starting and no-load parking; ensure continuous and uniform feeding.
  • Enlarge the discharge port or lengthen the end of the trough to solve the problem of poor discharge or too late to discharge. At the same time, a small section of counter-rotating vanes can also be installed at the end of the material trough at the discharge port to prevent material blocking at the end.
  • Necessary cleaning of the materials entering the conveyor to prevent large or fibrous impurities from entering the machine and causing blockage.
  • Reduce the lateral dimension of the intermediate suspension bearing as much as possible to reduce the possibility of material blocking when passing through the intermediate bearing.
  • Install the silo level device and clogging sensor to realize automatic control and alarm.
  • An anti-blocking valve is set up on the discharge end cover. When a blockage occurs, due to the accumulation of materials, the anti-blocking door is opened, and the power supply is cut off through the travel switch at the same time.

(6) How to maintain and maintain the stacker?

The turner is a very important organic fertilizer equipment in the fertilizer pelletizer machine production line, and it occupies a dominant position in the organic fertilizer production. Of course, there are many organic fertilizer production equipment in the whole organic fertilizer production line, such as dryers, pulverizers, packaging machine and so on, fertilizer pelletizer machine manufacturer Richi Machinery now mainly introduces the turner in detail.

  • Adhere to the class maintenance and handover system.
  • Add grease to the bearing regularly and check the oil level of the gearbox.
  • Check whether the wiring head is firm.
  • Remove residues and remaining materials on the machine and surrounding sites.
  • Turn off the power switch.
  • Check the operation of the motor reducer. If there is abnormal noise or heat, it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

The stacker is suitable for aerobic fermentation and can be used with solar fermentation chamber, fermentation tank and moving machine. The advanced fermentation process adopts microbial aerobic fermentation. The self-propelled heap turner produced by our factory is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria have space to fully exert their functions.

The stacking machine and the moving machine can be used together to realize the function of one machine with multiple slots. The matching fermentation tank can discharge materials continuously or in batches. High efficiency, stable operation, sturdy and durable, and even turning.

I hope the above related content about organic fertilizer pelletizer  is helpful to you. For more information about fertilizer pelletizer , you are welcome to consult the staff of Richi Machinery, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

Introduction of Small Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

Richi Machinery mainly develops and sells fish feed machines, large floating fish feed making machines, small fish feed pellet machines. The floating feed making machine is easy to operate, and the production formula can be configured according to specific requirements.

The following is a simple analysis of the specific parameters of the small floating fish feed pellet machine.

RICHI’s new general-purpose high-yield extrusion small floating fish feed pellet machine is the main engine in the current market, and its production of extruded food (pet food, fish feed, etc.) has a wide range of applications.

Among them, 70 type is the diameter of the outer diameter of the screw. The small floating fish feed pellet machine consists of feeding system, extrusion system, rotary cutting system, heating system, transmission system and control system.

The screw extrusion small floating fish feed pellet machine adopted by Richi Machinery uses high temperature and high pressure to ripen and puff the material, and it is completed at one time.

The small floating fish feed pellet machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to ensure the stability of the floating fish feed mill production process. The products are of various colors, varieties, beautiful appearance, natural lifelike, delicate texture, and widely used raw materials.

1. Basic description of small floating fish feed pellet machine

  • Product Title: small floating fish feed machine
  • Product alias: small fish feed extruder, small fish feed pellet machine, fish feed extruder
  • Equipment material: 304, 306 stainless steel
  • Product model: SLG65, SLG75, SLG85
  • Host consumption: 56kw, 90kw, 123kw
  • Machine consumption: 80kw, 128kw, 175kw
  • Machine size: 22500mm, 25000mm, 30000mm
  • Production capacity: 300kg/hour, 500kg/hour, 1400kg/hour

2. Application of small floating fish feed pellet machine

The small floating fish feed pellet machine is suitable for the production and processing of various pet food, dog food, fish food, monkey food, cat food, bird food, turtle food.

Small Floating Fish Feed Pellet Machine

3. Characteristics of small floating fish feed pellet machine

  • Adopt frequency converter speed regulation technology to make the equipment run more smoothly and save electricity;
  • The screw of small floating fish feed pellet machine is made of alloy steel mining material and special process, which is resistant to wear and bears high pressure; the forced lubrication system ensures that the transmission part of the equipment has a longer life;
  • Visual automatic temperature control system of small floating fish feed pellet machine to make temperature control more intuitive and parameters more accurate;
  • The screw of small floating fish feed pellet machine has a self-cleaning function, and there is no need to disassemble the screw for cleaning when the machine is stopped.
  • Low energy consumption, high efficiency, no leakage and no pollution of food in the closed stainless steel channel, which is more advantageous for long-distance transportation.
  • Small footprint, large drying area, small surface area, small heat dissipation, and high thermal efficiency;
  • The running speed of the mesh belt is adjustable to adjust the drying time of the food in the oven;
  • The small floating fish feed pellet machine adopts automatic temperature control, which can be set as needed.

4. Technical parameters of mini floating fish feed machine

  • Installed capacity: 35
  • Actual power consumption: 30KW
  • Production capacity: 100-150KG/H
  • Size: 2700*900*1900

5. After-sales service of small floating fish feed pellet machine

  • Provide various basic formulas; various flavors can be prepared according to customer requirements.
  • Free installation and commissioning; the small floating fish feed pellet machine can be shipped after the commissioning of our company.
  • Responsible for training personnel; Richi Machinery can come to train customers, or go to the company headquarters for free training.
  • One year free warranty. All-weather technicians solve various problems of small floating fish feed pellet machines.

6. A complete set of floating fish feed production line

  • Mixing machine: According to the output of the small floating fish feed pellet machine production line, choose different types of powder mixing machine, there are three main models for you to choose.
  • Feeding machine: The motor is used for power screw conveying to ensure convenient and fast feeding and reduce secondary pollution by manual contact.
  • Extruder: According to the output of the small floating fish feed pellet machine production line, different types of DSE type floating fish feed extruders are selected. The output can vary from 100kg/h to 500kg/h. Crab powder and other raw materials are used as raw materials, and the pellet size can be replaced by different types of molds.
  • Hoist: The feed is transported to the drying equipment. The height of the hoist is determined according to the oven, and an air conveyor can also be used.
  • Multi-layer oven: Most of the ovens are electric ovens, and the temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet. The interior is a stainless steel double-layer mesh belt, and the baking time can be adjusted according to the speed. Five-layer and seven-layer stainless steel ovens;
  • Vibrating screen: screen off excess corner debris.
  • Seasoning line: The oil sprayer sprays oil, food attractant, etc. The seasoning drum includes octagonal drum, cylinder, lifting single drum, and double drum seasoning line. According to the output and product properties, the oil is sprayed on the surface of the feed, and sprayed at the same time. Minced meat and spices, sprinkle evenly.
  • Cooling and conveying: reduce the temperature of frying and feed, promote the solidification of oil, reduce the temperature of pellets, and facilitate packaging.
  • Vibrating sieve: sieve off excess external material and pellets at the end of the year to ensure the quality and the reuse of raw materials.
  • Packaging machine: manual sealing machine and automatic packaging machine can be used.

I hope the above related content about small floating fish feed pellet machine is helpful to you. For more information about floating fish feed making , you are welcome to consult the staff of Richi Machinery, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

biomass pellet mill for sale

Regular maintenance of the biomass pellet mill

What are the benefits of regular maintenance of the biomass pellet mill and biomass pellet machine production line? In fact, scientific and effective maintenance methods can make the biomass pellet production line run with high quality, thereby increasing the output. It only takes some time for maintenance to achieve unpredictable results. Why not do it?

A good set of biomass pellet mill needs to cooperate with scientific maintenance work in order to enable it to operate with high performance and barrier-free for a long time, so as to maintain the performance of the equipment and prolong the service life of the biomass pellet equipment, so as to better create more profit.

So how should the biomass pellet production line be maintained? The scientific method should be to maintain it once a month and a major maintenance every six months. The maintenance and maintenance of the biomass pellet mill is very important, and this important link cannot be ignored.

The general maintenance of the biomass pellet mill does not need to pay much money. Generally, it is just simple oil injection, the firmness of the bolts, and the adjustment of the gap. Maintenance causes damage to the equipment.

RICHI Machinery is a industrial group mainly specialized in the biomass pellet mill for sale, and also covers some other strategic businesses such as animal feed machinery, organic fertilizer pellet machine, parts and components and so on. Richi Machinery will provide all users with detailed maintenance procedures for the biomass pellet production line, and our after-sales personnel will train the customer’s staff, so that customers have no worries.

The maintenance of the biomass pellet mill focuses on long-term stability and unremitting efforts. It may not see any effect in a short time, but after a long-term comparison, it will be found that the effect of this maintenance and no maintenance is completely different.

So now those friends who are using the biomass pellet mill, take a little time to do a regular maintenance, which is beneficial to the biomass pellet production line and your own income.

RICHI Machinery biomass pellet mill for sale, has covered more than 109 countries and regions around the world from 1995, products are exported to the Middle East, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia and high-end markets such as Europe and the United States.

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1. Knowledge of biomass pellet machining pellet fuel

biomass pellet mill for sale

How high is the calorific value of biomass briquette fuel after biomass pellet machining? What are the characteristics? What is the scope of application? Let’s take a look with the biomass pellet mill manufacturer.

(1) Characteristics of biomass fuel:

  • Green energy is clean and environmentally friendly:

The combustion is smokeless, odorless, clean and environmentally friendly. Its sulfur content, ash content, and nitrogen content are far lower than those of coal, oil, etc., and zero carbon dioxide emissions. It is an environmentally friendly and clean energy and enjoys the reputation of “green coal”.

  • Low cost and high added value:

The cost of use is much lower than that of petroleum energy. It is a clean energy that replaces oil vigorously advocated by the state, and has a broad market space.

  • The density increases and the storage and transportation are convenient:

The formed fuel by biomass pellet mill is small in volume, large in specific gravity and high in density, which is convenient for processing, conversion, storage, transportation and continuous use.

  • High efficiency and energy saving:

High calorific value, 2.5~3 kg of wood pellet fuel calorific value is equivalent to 1 kg of diesel calorific value, but the cost is less than half of diesel, and the burnout rate can reach more than 98%.

  • Wide application and strong applicability:

The pellet fuel made by biomass pellet mill can be widely used in industrial and agricultural production, power generation, heating, boiler heating, cooking, and it is suitable for unit families.

(2) Application scope of biomass fuel:

Instead of traditional diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, coal and other petrochemical energy sources, it can be used as fuel for thermal energy equipment such as boilers, drying equipment, and heating furnaces. The pellets made of wood raw materials have a low calorific value of 4300~4500 kcal/kg.

(3) What is the calorific value of biomass fuel pellets?

For example:

  • all kinds of pine (Korean pine, white pine, sycamore pine, fir, etc.), hard miscellaneous wood ( oak, catalpa, elm, etc.) is 4300 kcal/kg;
  • Soft miscellaneous wood (poplar, birch, fir, etc.) is 4000 kcal/kg.
  • The low calorific value of straw pellets is 3000~3500 kcal/kg.
  • Bean stalk, cotton stalk, peanut shell, etc. 3600 kcal/kg;
  • Corn stalk, rape stalk, etc. 3300 kcal/kg;
  • Wheat straw is 3200 kcal/kg;
  • Potato straw is 3100 kcal/kg;
  • Rice straw is 3000 kcal/kg.

2. Biomass pellet mill is “carbon neutral weapon”

The EU is the first region in the world to commit to low-carbon development. It has reached its carbon peak and is moving towards carbon neutrality. Its experience is worth learning from.

The EU’s GDP accounts for 22.54% of the world’s total, energy consumption accounts for 8%, and carbon emissions account for 8.79% in the same period. To achieve carbon neutrality in the energy system, biomass-based renewable energy is used instead of fossil energy.

Judging from the overall energy structure of the 27 EU countries, biomass energy accounts for 65% of renewable energy; from the perspective of carbon emission reduction, biomass energy accounts for 43%, ranking first.

The reason: Biomass energy made by biomass pellet mill is chemical energy and the only renewable fuel that can be stored and transported. Facing diversified and multi-period heating needs, biomass fuel from the biofuel pellet machine can be flexibly satisfied, and biomass resources are abundant and distributed.

It is widely used and economical, and it is more competitive than fossil energy for heating. For example, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland in northern Europe have built a competitive biomass energy industry chain based on a wide range of agricultural and forestry wastes, and have become the largest proportion of the energy market.

Biomass energy made by biomass pellet mill is compatible with existing fossil energy infrastructure. For example, the six 660MW coal-fired units of Drax, the largest coal-fired power plant in the UK, are all converted to biomass to achieve zero carbon emissions and gain huge carbon emission reduction benefits; biomass energy is the only renewable energy variety that can fully replace fossil energy.

It can not only meet the needs of the three major energy terminals, power, electricity and heat, but also produce bio-based materials to replace petroleum-based materials, which cannot be achieved by other renewable energy sources. .

3. Development Trend of Biomass Fuel Pellet Market

(1) Recently, the number of pellet processors purchasing biomass pellet mill has increased.

(2) The biomass pellet mill has maintained a rapid growth trend, and there must be a large market space in the future. Collecting relevant information, we learned that from 2010 to 2013, the average annual sales of biomass pellet machines increased from 228 million yuan to 1.985 billion yuan. Ships in all parts of the country, gradually forming an industrial chain advantage.

Why your biomass wood pellet mill cannot press pellets?

Many customers who are making pellets for the first time will always have various problems after pulling back the biomass wood pellet mill they purchased. For example, the wood pellet mill machine cannot press pellets and so on. Many customers think that the reason for the pellet machine is actually not the same.

Today, Richi Machinery will take you to analyze the reasons why the sawdust pellet machine cannot press pellets. (Related post: Wood Pellet Mill For Sale)

1. The reason why the biomass wood pellet mill cannot press pellets

biomass wood pellet mill

If the biomass wood pellet mill is used improperly, it will indeed happen that the output is lower than the expected output of the standard, and the biomass wood pellet mill will also have the problem of a decrease in output over a long period of time. As professional biomass pellet experts, we have the following suggestions:

(1) The moisture content of the raw material is not suitable. For the biomass wood pellet mill, if the moisture content of the raw material is too large or too little, there is no way to make the pellets form.

Because the wood pellet granulator forms the granules elegantly by physical pressing, its adhesiveness is formed by the combination of proper moisture and pressing, without the addition of any chemical ingredients.

Therefore, the moisture of raw materials is one of the important factors affecting the output of sawdust pellet machine. (It is recommended that the moisture content of general raw materials should be controlled within 15%-20%. Of course, the specific situation depends on the type of raw materials.)

Today, Richi Machinery will take you to analyze the reasons why the sawdust pellet machine cannot press pellets. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

(2) The compression ratio of the mold is not correct. For biomass wood pellet mills, compression ratio and moisture are two equally important factors. One of them is controlled by the raw material and the other is controlled by the mold. Both are indispensable.

Otherwise, the output of the pellet machine will be seriously affected. Therefore, before purchasing a biomass wood pellet mill, be sure to communicate with the manufacturer about the compression ratio of the woos sawdust granulator. Because different raw materials have different compression ratios, if you have multiple raw materials, you should communicate with the manufacturer to prepare more molds.

(3) The gap between the ring die of the pressing roller is not adjusted properly. During the test run of the biomass wood pellet mill, the technicians of the manufacturer will teach the customer how to use and debug it to avoid the situation that the material is not out of stock. But it really depends on your actual situation.

Richi Machinery is a company specializing in the production of sawdust pellet machines, wood pellet mill machines, biomass pellet machines and wood pellet plants. If you want to know more about biomass wood pellet mill, you can leave a message on our website (

2. Matters needing attention in the use of biomass wood pellet mill

Sawdust biomass wood pellet mill is a mechanical equipment specializing in the production of biomass fuel pellets. Under the circumstance that coal, oil and other resources are very scarce today, the widespread use of biomass fuel pellets will play an important role in solving the energy problems in the vast rural areas of our country.

Before the biomass wood pellet mill leaves the factory, it is necessary to check whether the equipment can operate normally, whether the screws and other small parts are loose, whether the various transmission parts can operate normally, etc., to ensure that the machine does not have any abnormality.

Before putting the material into the wood pelletizing machine, check the dry humidity of the material. If the moisture content of the material is too high, it will stick to the inside of the pellet machine, and it will be easy to form agglomeration, which will reduce the output value of the sawdust pellet machine.

The parts of the biomass wood pellet mill have their use cycle, and they should be replaced after a period of use to ensure the normal operation of the wood pellet machine and prolong the service life of the machine. (Related post: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

The motor of the wood pellet machine is the main force for particle screening. Properly increasing the power of the motor can increase the output of the wood pellet machine.

The length of the screen of the sawdust biomass wood pellet mill determines the screening efficiency, and the width of the screen determines the output of the wood sawdust machine. In order to increase the output, we can adjust the feeding method, which not only increases the output, but also makes the screen fully utilized.

Regularly refuel the transmission parts of the biomass wood pellet mill, such as the roller bearing and the front bearing of the main shaft, to ensure the flexible rotation of the transmission parts of the biomass pellet machine. Regularly replace the lubricating oil in the gearbox of the biomass pellet machine.

The new machine needs to be replaced after half a month of operation, and it must be replaced every 1,000 hours of continuous operation, which can prolong the service life of the gear.

Richi Machinery is a company specializing in the production of biomass wood pellet mill and biomass pellet production lines and other equipment. It always repays the society with newer products, better quality and better services, and is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life. Seek development and create the future together! Warmly welcome new and old friends from all over the world to visit RICHI Pellet Machine Factory.

poultry feed pellet making machine

Processing technology of poultry feed pellet making machine

The new poultry feed pellet making machine has two processing techniques: first mixing, then crushing, and then batch crushing.

1.First the ingredients, then the crushing process.

According to the ratio of the feed formula, the various feeds are mixed together by a metering device, and then slightly mixed into the feed crusher for crushing. The broken powder enters the feed mixer and is scaled. Mix the premix or trace additive in a mixer to form a powder compound feed.

The process is characterized by simple process, less equipment, saving a lot of batching boxes and reducing civil engineering investment, but the powder raw materials that do not need to be crushed also enter the crusher, which affects the efficiency of the crusher. Increase power consumption. This process is suitable for small feed mills and units, but in Europe it is also used by medium and large poultry feed mills.

2.Pulverize first, then batch process.

poultry feed pellet making machine

First, we will need to crush various feeds. Use the crusher to crush one by one, so that one powder feed enters the ingredient box, and the powder feed that does not need to be crushed enters the individual ingredient box. Since the batching warehouse is measured by the batching scale, it is mixed into the mixer to form a compound feed.

The characteristic of this process is to improve the crushing efficiency of the crusher, but it needs to be equipped with a large number of batching warehouses. The measurement process is complicated and the investment in factory construction is huge. Many new poultry feed pellet making machine manufacturers at home and abroad have adopted this method.

(1) The new poultry feed pellet making machine has a simple and compact structure, wide adaptability, low noise and low failure rate. The operation is simple, the noise is low, no water is added, and the particles are hard and smooth.

(2) Dry in and dry out, all kinds of straw can account for more than 65% after crushing. Grain raw materials such as corn, barley, and rice can be directly processed without crushing. The pellets have low moisture content, which is the national food storage standard.

(3) During the production process, the feed can be matured to not only improve the attractiveness of nutrients, but also kill common pathogens, microorganisms and parasites. It is an important processing equipment that utilizes science and technology to make full use of natural resources for breeding. It is a new generation of home drying products.

(4) The granule formation process can alter pancreatic enzyme resistance factors in grains and beans, reduce adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various insects and insects. Digestive system diseases. Generally speaking, it is more economical to use a new poultry feed pellet machine to produce feed.

3.How to use the poultry feed pellet making machine?

(1) Turn on the power of the poultry feed pelletizer in turn, set the temperature, and pay attention to whether the heating is normal.

(2) Clean the hopper and other devices, the inlet and outlet pipes, and check the oil level and lubrication state of each gear oil, engine oil, and high-temperature butter. The new gear oil should be replaced every six months at the latest, and the moving parts should be lubricated at least once a week.

(3) When the temperature reaches the set temperature, prepare the material and start the main motor in turn.

(4) The poultry feed extruder temperature must reach the set temperature. The feeding device can be opened, the cleaning material or raw material can be poured into the screw, the residue in the screw is cleaned until the new material is extruded, and then the extrudate is suspended, the filter plate and the mold are quickly installed in place. (Related product: cat litter production line)

The die head can be closed. After closing the poultry pellet making machine die, turn on the main screw motor of the feeder. At this point, the operator will stay away from the die to prevent the die from clogging, bursting and injuring personnel. The cutting cover is attached to the tool holder and locked.

(5) After the above operations are in place, turn on all fans>vibrating screen>poultry granulator>host operation in sequence.

(6) When the feed is discharged normally, adjust the poultry feed pellet making machine, stop the frequency conversion speed regulation, and adjust the size of the feed. Before unloading, the screw must rotate the poultry pellet feed granulator. If it is a water-cooled spray poultry feed pellet making machine, you must first fill the pellet cover with water, and then turn on the main unit to stop the official consumption.

(7) Start the main machine of the poultry feed pellet making machine, and adjust the frequency conversion speed of the main machine and the feeding pellet machine slowly and quickly according to the particle size requirements. Only when the two are coordinated, the particle cutting can be more uniform and the particle output can be improved. (For more: Richi Pellet Machine)

(8) The order of stopping the operation is opposite to the order of starting the production. First turn off the main drive, then turn off the power of the auxiliary machine, and then quickly clean the mold to prevent the mold from cooling and blocking (special attention: after each shift operation, the mold is discharged, and the hole and filter plate must be cleaned before reinstallation and consumption, otherwise the mold head may be will explode due to clogging). ”

For the above operating points, the operator of the poultry feed pellet making machine must always remember, otherwise it is easy to cause machine damage and accidents. For customers who purchase Richi Machinery poultry feed making machine, we provide professional detailed instructions on the operation process. You can contact Richi Pellet Machinery if you need it.